5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

From a Madison-based Wedding & Event Planner

Picture this: it’s your wedding day and you’re enjoying a glass of wine during dinner while surrounded by your favorite people. Your best friend from college is giving her speech telling some wild story about you that makes you smile and reminisce on those days. The DJ transitions from speeches to a Taylor Swift song your partner requested. You both look at each other and smile in disbelief that today is your wedding day. Where did the time go? You spend a moment taking it all in – you’re happy and enjoying every second with all of the people who came just for you. Your heart flutters. The day is perfect and it’s about to get better when your throw it down on the dance floor. Sorry grandma!

Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes

At the same time, your coordinator is in the background keeping everything in line and on time. (Hey, that’s me!) I check in with your DJ to see if he is ready for the parent dances that are up after the toasts. I double-check the song selections with him and confirm the order in which the dances will happen. He is set and will wait for my cue.

My assistant texts me and lets me know the caterer has a question. I head toward the kitchen just as a guest spills her glass of cabernet on the floor. The glass shatters. Red wine specks get on her dress. I waive over the waitstaff who brings a towel with them. While the mess is being cleaned, I grab my Tide to Go pen in my emergency kit and hand it to your guest. We laugh and I tell her I’ll come back to check in soon.

I head to the kitchen to talk with the chef who has a question about the dessert table. She is wondering if you would like a picture of you and your partner cutting the cake or if her team should begin cutting slices and place them out for guests. Because we talked about this when creating your timeline, I let her know that she can go ahead and slice it as pictures of you cutting the cake isn’t a priority of yours.

And that’s why you need a coordinator

As you can see, a lot goes into your day. And problems arise that compete for your attention. But with a coordinator, you can trust that those small details will be handled on your behalf. And that’s exactly why a coordinator is an essential vendor on your wedding day.

Not convinced yet? Here are five ways a wedding coordinator can take the lead (and stress) so you can be present in the final weeks leading up to your wedding and on the day itself.

They set you up for success, saving you time and reducing stress

A good wedding coordinator will provide some level of support throughout your planning journey. While they do not plan your wedding for you (that’s what a wedding planner does), they should be able to provide recommendations and guidance as needed. For example, most wedding coordinators provide vendor recommendations, planning tools to help you stay organized, and are available for questions you might have. This saves you time vetting vendors, setting up a system for organizing, and searching Google for advice. And it also relieves you of the stress of having to figure out everything on your own.

As a wedding coordinator, I provide my clients with tailored vendor recommendations based on their unique needs and preferences. Are you looking to support LGBTQ+ businesses? I’ve got recommendations! Do you want a photographer that shoots film? Let’s talk! I am always available to answer questions and provide support throughout your planning journey. As a Q Jancola client, you are also given access to an online, personalized portal with a suite of planning tools. From a budgeting tool to a guest list manager, floor plan creator, and planning checklist, you have a suite of tools at your disposal.

They create a custom timeline and run of show

One of the most important tools in a wedding coordinator’s toolkit is the timeline or run of show! It’s a detailed document that outlines all the things that happen on your wedding day. It helps keep you on time. It tells your vendors where they should be and when. And it makes your day run smoothly. Typically, your coordinator will begin working on the timeline with you 1-2 months before your wedding to create a comprehensive schedule for your day. They will also coordinate with your vendor team to see if they have any set up or tear down needs. If your florist needs three hours to set up instead of two, your coordinator will add that to the timeline. Or if you want an extra thirty minutes during dinner for you to visit with each table, your coordinator can build that into your timeline too.

The timeline is crucial to creating a meaningful day for you and your partner. I like to be intentional and build in time for the things that matter most to you. Maybe you both are so excited to get out on the dance floor which means we should prioritize more time for dancing. Or maybe you are looking forward to mingling with your guests so we extend cocktail hour by 30 minutes. Whatever your priorities may be, I can help you build a timeline that fits your needs.

They tie up loose ends 30-60 days out

Day-of coordinator? No thank you. Hard pass. The truth is that a great wedding coordinator will step in 30-60 days prior to your wedding to tie up loose ends, create your timeline, and coordinate with your vendor team. Any coordinator who thinks they can come in the week before or simply on the day itself is setting themselves up for failure. It takes time to create a timeline, communicate with your vendors, and check and recheck every detail to ensure nothing is missed. And it’s important that your coordinator takes the time to immerse themselves in your wedding plans to be fully prepared for your special day.

At the sixty-day mark, I step in to take the lead while you hand off the planning to me. From there on out, I’m the contact person for any logistical questions, vendor communications, and crises that may arise. I review your vendor contracts, invoices, and planning documents to catch me up to speed. And I coordinate with your vendor team to tie up any loose ends. For example, I confirm your final guest count with the caterer and adjust rental orders. I also make sure we’ve covered all our bases. Do we need a tablecloth for the DJ table? Does the florist light the candles? Will the caterer cut the cake? These are all very real logistical concerns that I handle for you.

They coordinate with your vendor team

Probably one of the most time-consuming and stress-inducing aspects of planning a wedding is coordinating all the details with your vendors. While a wedding planner handles all of this for you from start to finish, a wedding coordinator typically begins doing this 1-2 months before the wedding. However, it makes all the difference. In the final weeks leading up to your wedding, there are a ton of logistical details that require your attention. What time should the cake be delivered? Where should the DJ set up? How much time does the florist need for set up? And so much more. But by hiring a wedding coordinator, particularly one who steps in a month or two before, these questions and logistics are handled for you. And on the day itself, your coordinator is there to answer questions and solve problems that come up.

At Q Jancola, I handle all vendor-related questions and coordinate with your vendor team to ensure a seamless experience. You’ll send over your contracts and contact information for each vendor and I’ll reach out and introduce myself. Your vendors and I will work together to give you the best possible experience.

They handle everything for you on your day so you don’t have to

Do you want to be setting up tables and chairs on your wedding day? Or answering a million questions from your vendors? I’m going to guess probably not. This is where your coordinator makes all the difference. They are there at the start for set up and are the last ones to leave at the end of the night after all vendors have cleaned up and left. With their timeline in hand, they direct your vendors to set up according to plan and serve as the point of contact for all questions. While the venue is being set up, you can enjoy a mimosa knowing that everything is being handled by a professional.

As your coordinator, I want you to fully enjoy your day. And that means you are free of distractions and responsibilities. Your only “job” is to have fun and marry your favorite person. My team and I will handle everything behind the scenes. We’ll be there to welcome you to the venue and be there at the end of the night to send you off.

Let's plan your dream day!