The Wedding Design Process

Five-step process to designing your dream wedding

Effortless luxury, urban chic, modern romantic. These are just several ways to describe your wedding style. But how do you communicate that with vendors and translate it into a cohesive design? How do you make sure that the florals coordinate with the linens, and that the paper goods accentuate the tablescape details? You hire a wedding designer!  

As a wedding designer (and planner) based in Madison, I help couples create an incredible wedding experience from start to finish. My five-step design process ensures your wedding day is nothing short of extraordinary. And that starts with creating a personalized design blueprint that represents each client’s unique style and preferences. 


The process begins with my design questionnaire. Every couple is unique and this questionnaire helps me learn more about you and your vision for your day. We delve into the heart of your personal style, your preferences on things like round tables vs. banquet tables, and any specific ideas or trends you would love to include. Each question is designed to learn more about what you do and do not like so that we can create an experience that resonates with you. The questions below are pulled directly from my design questionnaire. 

Design questionnaire prompts:

  • What are three words that describe how you want your wedding to feel?
  • Do you like the look of linens/tablecloths?
  • Are there particular chairs you are drawn to, or are you open to whatever works best with the overall design/budget?
  • How do you feel about hanging installations? (lighting, florals, etc.)
  • What are some colors you absolutely do NOT want to see in your palette?

While you’re filling out your questionnaire, I also ask you to share your Pinterest board with me. This helps me begin to understand what colors and styles you are naturally drawn toward and gives me a foundation to build upon. Once I have a better feeling for your vision, I begin creating a custom design blueprint that matches your vibe.

Design Blueprint

With all of the info I gather from your design questionnaire, I create your personalized design blueprint – a comprehensive document breaking down the overall vibe of your day. From the ceremony to the reception, your blueprint serves as a visual representation of your wedding day aesthetics from start to finish. Here’s where your color palette is selected, a set of inspirational photos are curated, and details are conceptualized. It essentially becomes the playbook for your wedding day and provides guidance for your vendor team to create a cohesive and polished look. 

Vendor Sourcing & Booking

Once you have approved your blueprint, I immediately begin sourcing and booking your design-based vendor team on your behalf. This may include floral, signage, paper goods, specialty rentals (think tablescape items like chairs, linens, and place settings), lighting, and other visual elements that create the overall look and feel of your day. Each vendor is extensively vetted to ensure they align with your budget, priorities, and style. And every vendor is selected with the utmost care to create a cohesive and incredible experience for you and your guests. 

Production & Coordination

The months leading up to your wedding are dedicated to collaborating with your vendors to create all the visual elements for your day. This is where the magic happens as I work with your vendors through the production process–fabricating custom builds, creating signage and paper goods, selecting and finalizing the rental inventory, purchasing decor, and coordinating logistics. Your floor plan layout is created during this stage and any detail drawings that are needed to communicate your design on the day-of with vendors  Every aspect is carefully crafted for you.

Day-of Execution & Styling

As your day approaches, I review the design plan with my team and check in with your vendors to ensure no detail is left untouched. I also connect with you to collect any personal items (photos, guest book, guest favors, etc.) you would like to be set out on your wedding day. As I coordinate with vendors and oversee the setup, I ensure that every detail aligns with your overall vision, design blueprint, floor plan layout, and the run of show. From aligning your chairs for the ceremony to styling your tablescape, you can expect an immersive atmosphere and an incredible experience. 

My comprehensive design process ensures your wedding is a unique reflection of your story. Trust me with your vision, and let’s create a wedding day that surpasses your wildest dreams!

Let's plan your dream day!